Assignment #10

“Guns, Germs, and Steel” – Jared Diamond  I strongly agree with Jared Diamond that geography was the main reason that some civilizations were able to prosper as well as they did and some civilizations were never able to catch up. He compared people from New Guinean to the rest of the world and how geography … More Assignment #10

Assignment #9

“The Unstoppable Rise of a Collaborative Economy” – Shane Hughes It was interesting to see how Hughes explained the evolution of our current economy. The industrial economy is what I’ve been taught in school and is what the normal answer when thinking about our economy. But just as technology has changed many aspects in our … More Assignment #9

Assignment #7

“RIP! A Remix Manifesto”      I completed an Architecture Program in my community college back in San Diego, and the one thing that came to mind when I saw this film was a comment from one of my professors. He said that Architects use ideas from different previous designs and using them to come … More Assignment #7

Assignment #6

“Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” – Dan Pink Dan Pink explains in his video about two different theories which relates to figuring out what motivates us. The first one is “if you reward something do you get MORE of the behavior you want?” or “if you punish something do you get LESS … More Assignment #6